2016 YTD
67 dogs in total, year-to-date, canine intake
60 total, year-to-date, canine live outcomes
4 total, year-to-date, canine all other outcomes

2017 so far
2 total, year-to-date, canine intake
4 total, year-to-date, canine live outcomes
O total, year-to-date, canine all other outcomes


CHRN, Inc. was formed by a group of hardworking volunteers who had been networking since early 2012 when they collectively decided to begin working as a group. The aim was to better serve Siberian Huskies in California. Thus, the group became the CALIFORNIA HUSKY RESCUE NETWORK.

   We contacted reputable Siberian Husky rescue organizations across the country and were able to establish partnerships with them. Developing close working relationships allowed us all to help save Huskies in California.

   We have contributed in many way, such as "pulling" dogs from California shelters, vetting, fostering, transportation as well as fundraising to help cover the expenses for the incoming rescues. By taking Huskies from the shelters, we are in turn helping them to save more dogs and other at-risk Huskies in California's "high kill" shelters.

   In May 2015, CHRN held its first Annual Convention and toured the California shelter system. It was alarming to see the dire need for Husky Rescue in California. During the meeting, the group voted to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

   In the September 2015, the dream became a reality when CHRN was officially recognized as a 501(c)(3). Our goal is to continue rescuing the most vulnerable dogs and to work with an even wider network of reputable Husky rescue organizations in order to growing and help more Siberian Huskies.

   We pledge that 100% of your donations to CHRN, Inc. go to Husky rescue activities. All
members of the organization are volunteers. We do not take a wage, and all travel expenses
​are covered by the members themselves. This allows us to maximize the funds available for
costs directly associated with the dogs such as veterinarians, transportation, and more.