To our sweet Jazzy: It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye for now. The loss of a dog is one of the most heartbreaking moments we endure as a rescue, but we want her to know that she was loved and had a home with us at Arctic Rescue.

She also had the love and support of so many people, including the volunteers at California Husky Rescue Network Inc, who alerted us to her need to be rescued from a shelter, helped her whelp the puppies, nursed her back to health and drove her and the puppies from California to Utah. The foster home in Utah representing Kaylenberg Siberians also helped raise and socialize the puppies. They gave her lots of furry friends to play with, and helped find amazing homes for the puppies. 

We at Arctic Rescue were thrilled to be part of her life and to meet such a sweet soul. We were so happy to take her on hikes and to be greeted by her happy smiles each day. We will miss her but promise Jazzy’s beautiful puppies are well cared for, happy and loved.

We will work hard to help end the suffering of animals in need, and work with others to grow our rescue abilities so we can help more dogs, educate people and build happy places for people and dogs.

In memory of our close friends who have sadly passed