With several hundred Huskies entering the shelter system each month, there is a constant need for volunteers to help us track Huskies at various shelters. This project is crucial to ensure we have regular status updates for dogs in the shelter system, and that Huskies at risk do not fall through the cracks.
   The goal is to have volunteers available for each shelter. And while it is preferable for volunteers to physically visit the shelter, this is not a stipulation. In fact, volunteers can apply for this position from any location.

The good news is that you can be instrumental in helping save Huskies with very little time invested each week. 
There are three key requirements:

  1. Visit the shelter website and note the ID number for dogs of interest. Then phone the shelter for status updates at least twice a week. Some shelters have call centers that can give information even if the shelter is closed, so you can obtain this information after conventional business hours.
  2. Check to see if there is an online thread for the Husky. If not, you can offer to either make a thread, or contact a designated to make the thread. Visibility is crucial to help a dog, so this is an essential function.
  3. Make contacts. It is very helpful to locate and communicate with key staff and volunteers at the shelter in order to build positive relationships with shelter staff so that everybody can work together to save these dogs. Time spent at the shelter can provide valuable information regarding temperament, as well as providing additional videos, photos and other vital information that is useful when creating a rescue plan.

CHRN, Inc. will provide additional training and information on this position when you sign up. So please contact us via the CONTACT US page, and we will provide you with a list of shelters to choose from or, if you have a specific shelter you would like to work with, please let us know.

While it can be frustrating and sad when a dog is euthanized at a shelter, it is imperative that volunteers remain professional at all times. The only way for us to continue saving dogs from shelters is to remain in good standing with the shelter staff and keep our partnerships intact.